Arise By Any Other Name

Arise By Any Other Name is the first project of the collaborative series Passages of Babel. Samuel Mignot and Servane Briand worked simultaneously on text and book design in 2021-2022.

The Tower of Babel

Inspired by their on-going conversations on language and translation, Mignot wrote twelve stories/parables while Briand constructed an articulated tower that would become Passages of Babel and designed a book structure for Mignot’s collection.

Passages of Babel

Passages of Babel is an ongoing art project on language and translation. It is a physical object -an articulated tower structure-, a place for conversation, an open dialogue, a transient nomadic gallery space hosting collaborations.

The first of these collaborations is Arise by Any Other Name, exhibited in the tower, published as a serial artists’ book and also available online to keep spreading ideas and continue the conversation.

Arise by Any Other Name can be experienced in three different ways:

A One of a Kind Artists' Book

A one of a kind artist’ book, hosted in the tower.

The Tower of Babel

A serial artists' book in twelve episodes

a serial artists’ book in twelve episodes (limited edition of 50). Price and information per request .

Here, Online

Here, online @, where stories are posted in sync with their partner serial books release.